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The #1 healing center in the world for the treatment of addiction or chemical dependency, with a co-occuring condition.

We deal exclusively with Active Military, Veterans, and First Responders.

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Veteran, Active duty, Firefighter,
Law enforcement, Paramedic/EMT, or Other First responder
who wants to be a Sober Confident Warrior.

a private addiction treatment center, is a preferred community care VA provider


** Let us help you find out how to become a Sober Confident Warrior Through our Treatment/Training Program. **


It’s not easy, even with VA health benefits.
In fact, it feels impossible.

Being a defender of our Country wasn’t supposed to turn out this way.

Fighting with friends and family. Facing the demons of the bottle and self-medicating. Risk of divorce. Unsupportive leadership.

You feel frustrated by the sense of no one going to bat for you to help you get treatment for your addiction or chemical dependcy. You have VA benefits, however you may not know how to use them to get the treatment you need or you have tried and you haven’t found the right facility to use your benefits to be come clean and sober. 

We have been there before…. literally. We know how things work when trying to get help on your own. It can be hard and time-consuming.  Let us help you work with your Veterans Affairs health benefits to get the treatment you need to become a sober confident warrior, as we have done with many of our hurting brothers and sisters.

Let’s end of the STIGMA attached to asking for help to become clean and sober. It takes courage to ask for help. You can do this.

This daily ongoing battle of addiction has wreaked havoc in your life, and has led to a lack of purpose or goals. However, you don’t have to feel ashamed, scared or broken anymore. Addiction & PTSD can be so heavy to bear. Just because you may not have visible scars, doesn’t mean you don’t DESERVE to be healed.

There is a way to bring you home …

See how we help warriors just like you

We know what it’s like.
We’ve been there too.

Warriors Heart helps veterans like you daily. We help you to understand your VA Health Benefits and get the dignified treatment you need to become clean and sober.

When you come home, you bring back more than physical scars. Your experiences stay with you and lead to substance abuse or addiction as well as unresolved combat stress, and post traumatic stress disorder or even TBI.

That’s where you need the VA, and the VA health benefits they provide to assist you get the help you truly need. The VA can pay for your training, let us help you find out how.

We understand what you’ve been through, as we also been there ourselves. Let us help you break this cycle and finally come home with a purpose.


TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE, like Teddy Lanier (US Army Master Sergeant (Ret.) Did!

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Warriors Heart is fully licensed by the Texas State Department of Health Services, the Virginia Department of Health, and accredited by the Joint Commission.  
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How Warriors Heart Helped
Teddy Lanier (US Army Master Sergeant (Ret.) Get His Life Back

“For the first time in 30 years, I couldn’t do my job. I was in big trouble. And in that moment in time I knew, if I don’t get a handle on this I will not live to see another day …

… I’ve never, in all my 47 years had never heard the voice of an angel until I called Warriors Heart … and they told me, ‘It’s gonna be okay, we’re gonna bring you home.'”

             – Teddy Lanier, US Army Master Sergeant (Ret)

Teddy Lanier, NBC’s The Today Show


Warriors Helping Warriors

Be amongst your brothers and sisters dealing with the same issues. At Warriors Heart, we help our veterans and active duty who have put their lives on the line for our Country. We create a dedicated and tailored program for every warrior seeking help, starting at a minimum of 42 days and extending up to 8 weeks. Together we face the addiction and PTSD challenges.

No longer deal with inadequate health care that just puts a band-aid on your needs. Warriors Heart is here to give you purpose and come home better and stronger.

We will advocate for you. The VA can pay for your training, let us help you find out how.

 Get your TREATMENT with your VA BENEFITS

Know the Signs & Symptoms for Addiction & PTSD

It’s important to recognize the signs of addiction & post traumatic stress disorder to seek help.

  • Drugs or alcohol abuse
  • Constant feeling of unrest
  • Inability to express happiness
  • Change in mood
  • Violent behavior
  • Thoughts of self-harm or suicide

YOUR V.A. Benefits are meant to help you heal and take care of you. LET US HELP you USE THEM, SO THAT….


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